Digital social innovation for young people

    Kick-off meeting in Alzira (Valencia)· 12-13 April 2018

    The first meeting of project implementers will take place in Valencia on April 12-13. The host of the meeting will be Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta, a local organisation that brings together all the municipalities in the region of Ribera Alta.



    This meeting took place in Alzira at the headquarters of MANRA on April 12-13.

    The meeting respected the agenda shared by partners.

    JKPU presented the following documents:

    • Detailed project plan
    • Communication plan
    • Risk management plan

    All the above documents were discussed and approved by partners.

    JKPU illustrated the proposal of the Partnership agreement that was approved by partners.

    Partners discussed the opportunity of creating a Steering committee. Partners decided that at the present a Steering Committee was not necessary but it will be created in the moment a risk of a problem will arise.

    Partners discussed the activities related to the open meetings and workshops.

    They confirmed that each partner will organize 1 open meeting and the following workshops:

    5 local workshop/seminar to disseminate the project activity

    1. Socialization and innovation, organized by RTA (month 6)
    2. Supporting integration, organized by MANRA (month 8)
    3. Social services innovation, organized by JKPU (month 10)
    4. Social innovation effectiveness, organized by NAMBC (month 13)
    5. Social entrepreneurship, organized by Ecoistituto (month 16)

     Partners agreed that the second transnational meeting will take place in Sofia (Bulgaria) from 17 of October to 20.10.2018. Working days on 18 and 19 of October in Central Park Hotel whilst the first short training event will take place in Udine (Italy) January 20-26.

    Partner agreed to prepare a presentation of their practices and experience in digital social innovation on the occasion of the second meeting.

    Although each partner is free to organize their open meeting and workshops according the specific needs of their audience, partners agreed to uniform the organization of those events. In this purpose, JKPU will prepare a common framework that will be discussed by partners. This framework will be send to partners by the month of May.

    JKPU will send to partners the definitive version of the Partnership agreement that they will sign and send by post.

    All partners recognized the effort the coordinator in preparing the meeting documents and appreciated the professionality and hospitality of MANRA as the meeting organizer.


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