blogging 336375 640Social innovation is a buzzword today. It is considered very close with social entrepreneurship. Indeed, social enterprises can play a crucial role in identifying unmet needs and in developing new types of service. According to the EU Social Business Initiative, the social economy employs over 11 million people in the EU, accounting for 6% of total employment. It covers bodies with a specific legal status (cooperatives, foundations, associations, mutual societies).

    The YDSI project aims at empowering young people (namely, students in social sciences and volunteers) in social innovation thinking at a European level. In particular, considering that, nowadays, social services represent an important sector of employment, our project wants to provide young people with a basic framework for digital social innovation in a lifelong learning European perspective.

    Open and innovative practices in a digital era

    The YDSI project focuses on the exchange of practices in social innovation based on the use of digital technologies to solve social problems and to create/support social services.

    Promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people

    The exchange of practices includes social entrepreneurship as an essential component of social innovation.


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