men 1979261 640Janusz Korczak Pedagogical University in Warsaw was established 1993 by the Polish Association for Adult Education as a non-public University according to the Polish law. The University has been growing dynamically since then and has become already one of the largest non-public universities in Poland. It has developed, since its establishing, a very strong regional structure which is its main feature.

    Pedagogical University has since its establishing a very strong internationally oriented policy and co-operates with other European Universities in accordance with the membership of Poland in the European Union. The University has been Member of various networks and Projects within the Socrates Program: EUCEN, European University Continuing Education Network and EuLLearN. We contain contacts to several European Universities previous within numerous Socrates Projects in the field of University Continuing Education and currently within the Lifelong Learning Program.

    National Association  of  Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization uniting civil servants working in municipal and regional administrations in Bulgaria. The organization has more than 360 regular and associated members and more than 1,600 active supporters and volunteers all over the county. The organization works with key Bulgarian and international experts in areas such as public administration, security, law, communication, entrepreneurship, anti-corruption,etc.

    Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta is a local organisation that brings together all the municipalities in the region of Ribera Alta. It consists of 35 municipalities that group a population of more than 220,000 inhabitants, distributed over an area of 979.5 km².

    The Mancomunidad manages different services of interest for the municipalities that comprise it, constituting a body of local scope where the debate those issues affecting the peoples of the region becomes possible.

    student 849825 640The Mancomunidad is responsible for: promoting effective services seeking the improvement of the entire population´s welfare, promoting actions before institutions and public and private entities aimed at the improvement of services, participating, organising and collaborating at a regional level on events that aim to publicize our region, cooperating, participating and promoting the dissemination of study materials from our region which are written in our language.

    Ecoistituto has been created in 1989.Ecoistituto activity focuses on sustainable development and on education  following a multidisciplinary approach finalized to promote effective and sustainable results (people livability). Ecoistituto collaborates with schools and governmental institutions organizing courses, seminars, and workshops on sustainable development, cooperative business, environmental education, and wellness and healthy behavior.

    The members of Ecoistituto are University professors (especially from the Udine University), professionals, experts, and researchers engaged in different scopes: youth and adult education, quality evaluation, agribusiness, ecology, sociology, psychology, social anthropology, architecture, geography, social pedagogy.

    Rezeknes  Tehnologiju Akademijata  was established on July 1, 1993. RTA is a state funded higher education and science institution of the Republic of Latvia which implements the study programs as well as is engaged in scientific, research and artistic creative work.

    The aim of RTA is to provide academic and professional higher education in compliance with the science development level and cultural traditions of Latvia being competitive in the European education space; to develop culture, science and education in Latgale region and thus in the whole Latvia.


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