entrepreneur 2326419 640YDSI  focuses on the creation of a basic educational framework on youth digital social innovation based on the integration of topical socio-educational practices. The project is intended to extend the range of the transfer of knowledge to the current digital revolution (Internet of Things, Big Data, advances in telerehabilitation, crowdsourcing, crowdsensing, crowdfunding, etc.). YDSI project also focuses on social learning and on the use of social learning for developing social services.

    To sum up, the aim of the YDSI project is to contribute to enhancing the social innovation thinking and practices among young people.

    The project is expected to:

    • concretely satisfy the needs of the young people engaged in social activities;
    • define a basic educational framework for youth social innovation education at a European level through the exchange among partners of ideas, practices, experiences, and methodologies;
    • the framework, available via the Erasmus+ dissemination platform as well as via the project website, be adopted to design a new innovative curriculum for social educators and social workers.


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